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Destinations to Spot the Endangered Animals In India

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Incredible India - The vast land of diversity is the hub of various species of birds and animals contributing to an exotic wildlife. Among the population of the animals and birds, there are few that have become endangered and have become hard to spot them. The factors, being loss of habitat, hunting, ecosystem destabilization, etc., have made many of the species to be enlisted in the endangered list of animals and birds. Here are some of the animals that have become hard to spot and various special conservation programs are in process to conserve them. In this article, you will also find the destination where you could spot the endangered animal performing their natural activities.


Snow Leopards:


The most secretive cats, Snow Leopards, are one of the endangered species. Rocky mountain ranges with high altitudes are the natural habitat of these wild cats. There are many, who have not even heard about the snow leopards. According to the survey, there are about 200-600 snow leopards spotted in the Hemis National Park (Ladakh), Valley of Flowers National Park & Nanda Devi National Park (Uttrakhand), and Dibang Wildlife Sanctuary (Anini), altogether.




If we compare the present population of tigers, with the data of 100 years back, the results are terrifying. About 93% of their population have been extinct and the half of the present tiger’s population of India is available in India.  As per the last survey, there have been 1706 tigers recorded altogether in India. Thus, animal lovers could spot these royal predators in Madhya Pradesh (Tiger parks of Pench, Bandavgarh and Kanha), Uttarakhand (Corbett National Park), and Rajasthan (Ranthambhore National Park).


Asiatic Lions: Sasan Gir National Park & Sanctuary in Gujarat, India, is the only destination in the world, where you could this endangered variety. The semi deciduous forest of the Junagadh and Amreli provide natural habitat to Asiatic Lions. Thus, the surveys have reported about 400 lions residing here. Spotting Asiatic Lions performing their natural activities leave a long lasting impression on the minds of tourist visiting Sasan Gir National Park & Sanctuary for safari and adventure tours.



Lion Tailed Macaques: These are one of the endangered species in India, and are still decreasing due to illegal hunting and cutting down of forests. The total population of Lion Tailed Macaques, according to the last survey, was recorded to be 2,500. With continued hunting and deforestation have also estimated decline in the population of Lion Tailed Macaques by 20% in the coming 25 years. With the largest study, there have been 1,216 adult Lion Tailed Macaques spotted in the forests of Kerala. Anaimalai Hills and Sirsi-Honnavara rainforests also serve as the natural habitat to Lion Tailed Macaques.



Indian Rhinoceroses:


In spite of growth witnessed in the population of the Indian Rhinoceroses, there is threat continued due to poaching for their horns. According to the conservation status, their population has been marked under vulnerable.  Kaziranga National Park (Assam) in India is the only destination, where one could spot this one-horned rhinoceroses. Out of the collective population, including Dudhwa, Orang, Jaldapara, and Pobitara, about 70% is found in Kaziranga National Park.


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