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The Right Clothing and Gear When Visiting Wildlife Sanctuaries in India

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Those who are looking forward to a Wildlife tour in India must be puzzled by this question.  If you are a wildlife enthusiast, you will really like wildlife sanctuaries in India which are fun and full of thrill and excitement. The best time to visit Indian wildlife sanctuaries is between October and March. This blog here is a brief guide to what clothing an equipment do you need on a wildlife tour to India.

Advice for Safari Clothing
During the safari tour, preparation in terms of what to wear is quite necessary to harmonize with you India tour theme. Since the peak season for India wildlife tours marks the beginning of the winter season, it is advisable to pack some light woolen clothes. Here are the few essentials that you must make sure of.


One of the most important items in terms of safari clothing is a hat. It should be big, reasonably thick and have a wide brim to protect you from sunburns. If you don’t have a wide brimmed hat, then even a cap will do it for you. The peak of the cap is as good in blocking out glare as sunglasses and also helps in enabling better glimpse of the animals. It is necessary because most animal safaris take place either in the late afternoon when the sun is in his full rage and animals come out to bask in the sun. 


A good jacket and vest is one of the most important clothing items from the perspective of wildlife safari.  If you are travelling to a national park in winters and likely to go out for a morning game drive before sunrise, you might feel shivering due to cold weather. Since open air vehicles are used for game drive, a jacket is must for your comfort. 


Lightweight Gore-Tex boots are good as they provide support for your ankles and have closed toes. It is quite useful to have light & comfortable shoes. 

Color of your Outfits

For wildlife safari, it is advisable to pack clothes designed in natural colors which include pale green, khaki, grey and brown. Also one can wear camouflage outfits as they work best for safari tours. 
Some Common Pre-Journey Tips

Travel Documents
Passport, visa and air ticket are the most common essentials for boarding flight for India. Make sure to carry attested photocopies in case you lost the originals or required to submit for security reasons. 

Medical Prescriptions
In case you are allergic to something, make sure to carry a suitable prescription and medication for the same. 


It is one of the most important elements for your packing and I would recommend you to choose the best. Roof prism binoculars having an internal mechanism are likely to give good quality and can easily get fit in your luggage. 

If you are a professional wildlife photographer, use wide angled SLR cameras with telephoto lenses (digital). It would be rather great if you are connected to the internet as it facilitate instant sharing of your experiences with friends and colleagues. 


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