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  • Top 10 Wildlife Destinations in India

    This Article is a direction for wildlife lovers. The Article giving direction and telling you the most popular top 10 wildlife sanctuaries in India among 400 wildlife national parks.

  • A Study of Tiger Population in India

    India holds around half of the tiger population in the world but their condition has been in a sorry state. However, according to the latest census on tiger population the number has gone upwards because of the conservation efforts.

  • A 10-minute Guide to the top 10 Wildlife Resorts in India

    India is home to a diverse wildlife. To protect them, the concerned authorities have made national parks and wildlife sanctuaries that have now become a major tourist attraction. Planning to go on a wildlife tour? Here is a 10-minute guide to the top 10 wildlife resorts in India:

  • Lion-Tailed Macaque : Endangered Primate of Western Ghats

    Lion-tailed macaque, also known Wanderoo, is an exotic creature that is found commonly in the rainforests of the Western Ghats of South India. Found less than 4000 in number, this animal is one of the world’s most endangered primates.

  • Destinations to Spot the Endangered Animals In India

    There is a huge list of animals and birds that are listed in the list of endangered species. The government of India has formulated various conservation projects and taken various strict steps to protect them from being extinct.

  • 10 Best Bird Sanctuaries In India

    The bird sanctuaries in India are a perfect paradise for bird lovers. These sanctuaries provide shelter to various resident and migratory birds.

  • Wildlife Safari Manual For Nature Lovers & Wildlife Enthusiasts

    India is probably the best place in the world to spot exotic flora and fauna. The national parks, reserves, sanctuaries and bird sanctuaries, along with providing shelter to animals and birds, are also praised for beautiful landscapes.

  • Asiatic Lions: Endangered Royal Predators of Gujarat

    Asiatic Lion is popularly called as Indian Lions among the wildlife tourists. The beast of the jungle is a subspecies of Lion and is currently listed as an endangered animal by IUCN. In India, Asiatic Lions are spotted mostly in Gir Forest National Park in Gujarat.

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